Bus of Life

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.- Abraham Lincoln

Imagine your life is a bus.
A bus that follows a certain route.
Driving through the world, from stop to stop.
Crossing streets, cities, canyons and villages.
Passing people, moments, spectacles and oceans.
Across mountains, bridges and colorful meadows.

Tell me, who is driving your bus?
Who is sitting in the driver’s seat?
Who chooses where to stop next?
Who decides the times, passengers, and route?

Who opens the doors for new passengers?
Who closes them?
Who defines who travels with you, in your bus?
Who asks the fare dodger – ever so politely – to step off?
Who checks the oil? And the fuel?
Who is responsible for maintenance and cleaning?
Who decides the speed, and the revs of the engine?

Who is sitting in the back?
Is it you?
You can relax and enjoy what you see through the window.
Gaze at streets, cities, canyons and villages.
Spot people, spectacles and oceans.
Get excited while passing mountains, bridges and colorful meadows.
Technical issues, maintenance, routeplanning… Not your problem.
It’s the driver’s responsibility.
Sounds very relaxing.

What if the chosen streets, cities, canyons and villages are not your places?
What if the people, spectacles and oceans you spot are not the ones that bring sense and fulfillment to you?
What if these mountains, bridges and colorful meadows do not bring joy to you?
What if you would secretly love to drive through fields, woods and deserts?
Passing animals, illusions, dancers and paintings?
Crossing frozen lakes, creeks and rivers?

Excuse me, but all these “what ifs” do not help you while you are sitting in the back.
Because you only see what the bus driver decides you will see.
To understand the difference, you need to give something new a try.

Turn left, next time right.
Run a red light, stop at a green.
Jump out at places you have never seen before.
Drive on when you are not welcome.
Stay, where your presence is needed.

Give it a try.
Climb into the driver’s seat.
It feels good.
Take over the wheel of your bus.
Navigate, cherish and care for it.
Tend to your passengers, they are your guests.
They are so lucky that you allow them to travel with you.
Your journey is unique.

You define where to stop next, decide about time, passengers and route.
You open the doors for fellow travelers, close the doors afterwards, define who travels with you, and ask fare dodgers – ever so politely – to step off.
You watch the oil and fuel gauges, repair and care.

You choose your pace.

Belt on. And off you go.

Enjoy your journey. The journey of your life. In the bus of your life.

Yours, Nele.


Fabled. Bus of Life.

Read by Stefan Lapenat.
Belt on before.
Or off.
Just as you like.

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