It’s Monday! Tips for a merry start to your week.

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.- Zig Ziglar

Monday blues

A typical Monday morning. Your alarm rings (far too early), you hit snooze (another 10 minutes), a little later another time (3 more minutes) and finally you get out of your warm and cozy bed, tired, in a grim mood.

You get out of the wrong side of the bed, on your way to the bathroom, you stumble across the sleeping dog (don’t they hear alarmclocks?), jump into a cold shower because they’ve cut the warm water (oh yeah, there was something in the mail box). And – of course – this happens on a MONDAY morning.

But why do Mondays put us in a bad mood?

What can be done against it?

Is it Sunday’s fault?

It’s very possible that your Monday blues began on Sunday. According to a study from Göteburg University Sunday is the saddest day of the week.


Already on a Sunday it seems, particularly married people and academics (according to another study, not me!), are filled with stress and fear of the upcoming week. So, enforced Sunday relaxation doesn’t achieve it’s goal. The Sunday-sofa-brain is already busy with cost curves, is sitting in meetings or checking it’s to-do list. Additionally it is tired. Last night’s party is visible in swollen eye lids, muscles and stomach.


Medically we experience an explosive mix of hormones in our body during the working week.

A mix that helps us to keep going, pushes us through our to-do list and provides the energy we need for it all. This mix works until all contracts are signed, strategies are defended and presentations have been held. Unfortunately our immune system doesn’t like this mix of hormones at all. It attacks it, empties the energy reserve and – in the worst cases – makes us seriously sick.

What about your balance?

An incorrect work-life-balance leads us to weekends when we overdose with everything that wasn’t prioritized during the week. Giving us even more scheduled days, which we cram with family, household, friends, and hobbies. Such weekends can be intensely stressful.
Wouldn’t it be nicer if we could organize weekends that allow us to fill up our energy reserves and relax? Ideally we would create weekends that allow us to distance ourselves from work and unwind our minds.

So it’s not a surprise that Monday normally doesn’t feel good. We move from a stressed week into a similarly stressing weekend. To break this routine, here is what you can do:

  • Organize yourself on Friday

    In order to enable distance from work it helps considerably to recap the past week. Check if all tasks have been done and get an initial overview of next week’s tasks, deadlines and meetings. This minimizes moments of “Sh**, I forgot something!“ during the weekend and nasty surprises on Monday morning (Nothing against good surprises).

  • Live your weekend!

    What is important to you this weekend? Ideally do plan some time only for yourself, ME-time, intentionally WE-time, where there is no action. Blank spots in your calender can be surprisingly restorative.

  • Be mindful of your Sunday mood

    Do not let your Sunday be spoiled by the upcoming week’s thoughts, ideas, concerns, worries. If they arise, write them down! Then they can’t be overlooked and you can relax again and be back to Sunday relaxation. 

  • Create goals for your week

    You can start planning your week on Sunday evening (better not before evening). What is on your schedule? What is important to and for you? What are the perfect proportions of work/ free-time/ family life?
    What do you want to achieve?

    Are you doing things that help you live your bucket list? See my Bucket List articel here.
    Set one or more weekly goals! Two trips to the gym? You can establish your own incentive program. Did you reach your goal? Great, what about granting yourself a treat? A trip to the theatre next weekend?
    What about a large pizza 🙂 ?

  • Manic Monday? Magic Monday.

    Start your Monday with serenity. Weekend jet-lag is still in your mind, so Monday’s alarm clock is terrible. It may sound strange, but let your alarm ring earlier. 15 minutes can be enough. No, do not use this time for snoozing.Get up earlier! Now you can reduce your pace, no need to rush from wardrobe to coffee machine and then to the garage.

Take YOUR time. A new week is beginning!
A new week full of opportunities, encounters, decisions, sunrises and sunsets, words, actions and potential.
Monday is a new start.
A new week, new luck.
Create your Magic Monday.
Have a magical week.

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