Part 1: An exercise to help you find your calling!

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment.- Vikrot E. Frankl

I’m sure you know them too, those people who simply seem to be in the right place? Work doesn’t appear to feel like work to them, they are almost invariably content, full of energy, meaning and happiness. They have that twinkle in their eye, which is reserved for those who have found their place.

But what is it that is different about them?

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8 steps that help you to figure out whether you should let go.

Some of us think holding on makes us strong. But sometimes it is letting go.- Hermann Hesse

My thoughts about “letting go” start with a little time travel. With a trip to my childhood.

I remember the time quite well, the colourful time of balloons. They decorated lovely birthday parties. Often filled my kid’s mind with joy during boring visits to trade fairs or electronics retailers.

And best of all, they could even … fly (not to mention the funny voices possible after breathing in their “air”)!

These balloons were tied gently to my wrist when I was a little girl, so I could not – childishly clumsy – let go by mistake and burst onto tragic tears. But the few times that this did happen, held something magical. The balloon, so plump and lightweight, full of air and the unknown; I watched as it climbed up to heaven. I saw the balloon win the fight. Yes, win. And eventually disappear to where it had been drawn to: the vast sky.

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