Part 1: An exercise to help you find your calling!

Everyone has his own specific vocation or mission in life; everyone must carry out a concrete assignment that demands fulfillment.- Vikrot E. Frankl

I’m sure you know them too, those people who simply seem to be in the right place? Work doesn’t appear to feel like work to them, they are almost invariably content, full of energy, meaning and happiness. They have that twinkle in their eye, which is reserved for those who have found their place.

But what is it that is different about them?

In order to answer this question, I spent a lot of time observing, reading, studying and researching.

These glitter people know their talents, motives, values and potentials!

And they have learned to exploit them and have achieved precisely this through their profession (calling or vocation), helping them to form and live meaningful and happy lives.

I am not one of those people who accuse others of being dreamers, or as weak, searching for meaning or even of expecting a bed of roses. I do not want to talk about this generation whY thesis. I am totally tired of these assumptions.

Actually I observe the opposite: Often these people work a lot, are super ambitious and incredibly hardworking! Yes, they are so much in the right place, that they do not realize the time they are working, they hardly need any breaks and are still full of energy and desire to complete their work. Their calling carries them through the day, through their tasks, even through the less beautiful moments (because life is NOT (or rarely) a bed of roses) and helps them to quickly focus back on the good.

Do you know these people? How you feel about them?

Perhaps, afterwards, you long to have that same special twinkle in your eye. Maybe you are ready to invest energy, hard work and passion in finding and living your vocation.

But how?

How can you find out what will bring this exact glint in your eye as well?


Be aware...

To find your calling, does not necessarily mean to look for a new job!

Step one is to actually ask yourself what exactly is your calling. If you later change your job according to your answers depends on many factors. As a first step, you can also reorganize your day to create more space for your passion.

Every minute you spend more living your calling is a valuable minute. And minutes can grow to hours, days, weeks and years actually.

This is an exciting, intense and long process.

Be patient.

I have prepared a two-part task for you which can offer you some initial answers to this question.

How it works:

  • Print out this article with the questions below.
  • Answer each of these questions as honestly and spontaneously as possible. Feel deep within you. Write down your answers.
  • Some questions are very intense, maybe you have never asked yourself such questions before. Take the time that you need.
  • When you’ve finished, use the last question for youself to record your initial findings. Do you see a common thread in your answers? Do words, answers repeat themselves? Perhaps your sparkle lies there. It’s definitely within you!

Ask yourself…

  • Which activities regularly make you forget the time?

  • If you ask your friends - what would be your most outstanding talent, in their eyes?

  • If you were a country … which one would you be and why?

  • If money was not an issue, which activity would you pursue regularly?

  • When do your actions and speeches inspire others and yourself?

  • How do you wish to look back on your life, when you are 90 years old?

  • If you could have a guaranteed, high income, what would be your ultimate dream job?

  • If you were a fairy tale character … which one would you be and why?

  • ...collect your findings here...

The second part of the exercise can be found here.

I hope you enjoy this exercise and you find exciting answers.

Do you know other people who are also searching for their vocation? Please feel free to distribute this article. The more people read it, the more people get the chance to look within and find their own glitter. Wouldn’t that be brilliant?

Please post any comments or questions below, I’m happy to help.

See you next week.



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