My very personal pursuit of happiness!

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony- Mahatma Gandhi

So it was for me, for years. My personal pursuit of UNhappiness worked out quite well. I was so loyal to it, just as we all are to house rules, to supermarket opening times or school timetables. I didn’t question, I simply accepted. Nothing to discuss. Nothing to change.
Until I tried something … I rewrote the manual. Since then I have had my own personal pursuit of HAPPINESS.

Each is unique. Everyone has their own. Here is mine:


  • Live as feels good for YOU

    Environment, society, and rationality… They mean well. But only YOU, and no one else, knows what’s best for you. Get to know your own personality and priorities. Work out your own motives and values. And live according to them!

    What are motives?

    Motivation is pure emotion. Motives represent the deepest level of our personality. It means that you emotionally strive for something. You truly feel motives. Situations that allow you to act according to your motives make you feel really good and light.

    What are values?

    Values serve as orientation for your behavior and describe the aspects which are generally important to us. You cannot feel values, they are a matter for your head. You can easily identify your values. Just ask yourself: What is generally important to you?

  • Accept and love yourself.

    Exactly the way you are. Do not stop growing, do not bend. Optimization is for the birds. And for search engines. Not for souls.

  • Look and question deeper.

    In buds, places, people and feelings. Treasures are mostly found buried, hidden. Have a deep look!

  • Get up an hour earlier.

    Start your day mindfully, have a great cup of coffee (don’t forget: this is MY personal pursuit of happiness 🙂 ), take your time, do not rush. Check out tipps HERE.

  • Take breaks.

    Aeroplane mode also works without the need to check-in. Build me-time slots into your day. And: Enjoy them. Relax while being with yourself. Relax.

  • Stop feeling guilty. Change!

    Why do I feel guilt and responsibility? Is there anything I can actually change? If so, go ahead and do it! If not? Let it go. See HERE more about letting go.

  • Trust your intuition. It never lies.

    Your intuition is based on your personal experiences and offers a strong resource for decision making. Oh yes, experiences are valuable and your gut feeling is talking in it’s name!

  • You deserve to enjoy life! Every single day.

    Everybody deserves a great life. You deserve beauty. You are worth it. For me, it does already help to go for a nice walk, to buy flowers for my garden or to light candles when it’s dark.

  • Live in the now.

    But don’t forget the future. Create your future! Don’t let it just happen to you. And: be grateful. For what is now.

  • Let go of thoughts that do not take you further.

    A new idea will come. Just trust. And maybe it will bring solutions. And if not, then it might bring something else. Read HERE about letting go.

As mentioned earlier, this is MY personal pursuit of happiness. So I aksed you on the bw4l facebook page what makes YOU happy.

These are the answers:

“Swingdancing, traveling and having a Latte Macchiato at “Strandperle” (Beach/Elbe) in Hamburg”

“Doing what I love makes me happy”

“Die Kleinen Dinge im Leben machen mich glücklich!
Am Samstag Vormittag bei ersten Frühlingssonnenstrahlen über den Wochenmarkt zu laufen und Eindrücke meiner Stadt zu sammeln…
Mit lieben Menschen, bei denen ich mich wohl und aufgehoben fühle, gemeinsam zusammen zu sitzen und ein Glas Wein zu trinken
Fremde Menschen anlächeln und ihre Verwirrung beobachten.
Über meinen Balkon laufen und neue Knospen an meinen Pflanzen entdecken…”

“Seeing my family and friends healthy and happy, makes me happy!”


Thank you so much for your comments.

What about YOU? Do you have manuals in your life? Guidelines you stick to or other tools that help you to be on track? What makes YOU happy?

Love to be inspired by your comments and to learn from you.



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