Why the death of my friend helped me find unexpected happiness.

I admit it, the title sounds harsh. Heartless. Loveless. Cold. But what I mean is the opposite.

I loved her so much!

She was a wonderful friend who will forever have a place in my heart. For the rest of my life I will think of her when I eat cheesecake (NY Cheesecake, which only she could bake!) and whenever I hear “It never rains in Southern California” I will remember our wonderful road trip down California’s Route No 1 and sing along at the top of my voice. Every dull “plock” (of a ball meeting racket) will remind me of our fun on the tennis court. I miss her very much. So much.

After her (way too early) death, something happened to me, something that changed my whole life. Something big. I will never say that my life is BETTER without her in it. But … my life changed considerably. How did it change? And why? This is what this article is about. Read more