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My personal story. For you!

Are you interested in my personal story? Do you want to get to know the person behind better work for life? Nice to meet you, that’s me 🙂 . Growing up I grew up in a charming part of Hamburg, which is a beautiful City in the North of Germany. My schooldays were quite unspectacular […]

My very personal pursuit of happiness!

So it was for me, for years. My personal pursuit of UNhappiness worked out quite well. I was so loyal to it, just as we all are to house rules, to supermarket opening times or school timetables. I didn’t question, I simply accepted. Nothing to discuss. Nothing to change. Until I tried something … I […]

My very personal pursuit of unhappiness…

Everyone has them. Everyone knows them. Some share them with others. Some wear them on their sleeve. Others guard them closely; so closely that it might take months, even years, to get a glimpse of them. But without doubt, everyone has them. They work well. Seriously well. Everyone has their own pursuit of unhappiness. Here […]

Part 1: An exercise to help you find your calling!

I’m sure you know them too, those people who simply seem to be in the right place? Work doesn’t appear to feel like work to them, they are almost invariably content, full of energy, meaning and happiness. They have that twinkle in their eye, which is reserved for those who have found their place. But […]

8 steps that help you to figure out whether you should let go.

My thoughts about “letting go” start with a little time travel. With a trip to my childhood. I remember the time quite well, the colourful time of balloons. They decorated lovely birthday parties. Often filled my kid’s mind with joy during boring visits to trade fairs or electronics retailers. And best of all, they could […]

Letter to thyself. Letter to myself.

Be true. Be you. Love. Be loved. Jump. Dance. Play like a child. Nobody is watching. Nobody is judging. Take breaks. Take breaths. Stop for a minute. Hold on. And smile. Dare to listen. Listen a lot. What can you hear? Who is whispering to your ear?

Bus of Life

Imagine your life is a bus. A bus that follows a certain route. Driving through the world, from stop to stop. Crossing streets, cities, canyons and villages. Passing people, moments, spectacles and oceans. Across mountains, bridges and colorful meadows. Tell me, who is driving your bus? Who is sitting in the driver’s seat? Who chooses […]

It’s Monday! Tips for a merry start to your week.

A typical Monday morning. Your alarm rings (far too early), you hit snooze (another 10 minutes), a little later another time (3 more minutes) and finally you get out of your warm and cozy bed, tired, in a grim mood. You get out of the wrong side of the bed, on your way to the bathroom, you […]