Be yourself – anyone else is already taken!- Benjamin Franklin

This describes Coaching perfectly!
Do you want a personal or a career change and do not know how to go about it? Then Coaching is the right thing for you!

Our Coaching is different!

Because we offer… No advice! No tips! No appraisal! No influence! No hocus-pocus! No esoterics!

So what do we offer?

bw4l Coaching offers you a high-quality, science-based structure that will help you identify your own issues, work on them and solve them. I, as your coach, will guide you through the process and support you through the necessary steps. You’ll take yourself though an intensive examination of your personality and your issues. After Coaching, you will be able put your changes into effect – independent of me!

The following is a rough outline of the Coaching process:

  • You want to change something in your life...

    … and have no idea how to do that?

  • Free, non-binding initial talk

    Here we arrange to meet for 15-30 minutes to discuss any concerns. What’s your main issue? “Where does your shoe pinch”? In return, I will explain if and how we can deal with your issue through Coaching.

  • Let’s get started!

    What are your issues, where are you now? What other things are related to your issues?

  • What is your goal?

    What would you like to achieve? What is your goal? Can you live with the consequences?

  • What resources are available to you to help you achieve your goal?

    This includes motives, values, talents, change of perspective and your previous actions.

  • Creation of your action plan!

    Which steps are necessary to reach your goal? You will work out a plan that will lead you to your goal. We will also work on a watertight plan B and effective controls, so you can regularly check whether you are still on track.

  • Live your change!

Understanding of Coaching:

bw4l Coaching is based on the new ‘Hamburger Schule’. I am certified in and have performed numerous Coachings following this method.

Please find details about the Coaching Process here:


We refrain from pigeon-holing, judging, assigning you a “this is what you are like, this is how you should be, you’re on the wrong road” category.

Coaching (when done properly) has no pre-determined result. You are the expert on your issues, your targets and everything that goes with that. I – as your coach – am responsible for the observance of the Coaching process. This means, responsibility for the process lies with me, responsibility for results lies with you.

Your investment:

€ 1,150 incl. VAT


  • Two intensive half-day Coaching sessions (8 hours in total) with me, a trained Systemic Management Coach and certified expert in the Motivations Potential Analyse MPA.
  • Your personal 16-page analysis of your Motivation Potential Analysis MPA (available in German only).
  • Integration and provision of all scientific models and worksheets.


Our Coaching can take place via the internet using FaceTime / Skype / Google Hangout, so there are no location difficulties.

We can split the half-days, and arrange to meet for three sessions of approximately two and half hours.

We can also meet for a face to face session, in which case, your investment will increase by my travel expenses and room rental. Or we agree on a venue within a 20km radius of my base.

I also offer team and couples Coaching!

bw4l Coaching helps couples and teams to go through changes and difficulties. Contact me and tell me about your concern!

Your investment for this is € 1,450 incl. VAT

Do you have any questions, or do you need a different structure?

Please contact me here!
Are you uncertain that Coaching is relevant for you? We can arrange a free, non-binding telephone session (15-30 minutes) to discuss your questions.