“The secret to ability lies in the will” Giuseppe Mazzini

And that’s precisely the point of our Motive Dialog: The “Will”. Because only when you feel really motivated, are you comfortable enough to tap into your energy to act.

Motives are anchored in our personalities. Whether professionally or privately – your motives influence your life, your behaviour, your perceptions and communication.
In our 3-hour Motive Dialog we will examine YOUR individual motivation potential!
If you speak German, we will use the ‘Motivation Potential Analysis’ method to measure your motives.
If you prefer English, we will use worksheets and scientific models, to help you to connect to your motives.

Motivation and Science

What is ‘Motivation Potential Analysis’, MPA?

Motivation is an emotion and can be measured by ‘Motivation Potential Analysis’ MPA.
MPA is the first motivation diagnostic tool (developed in Germany and scientifically recommended), which allows us to see not only your motives, but especially their underlying strength (the potential). The computerized questionnaire (in German language) has 108 questions, which, thanks to an innovative questioning method are easily completed in approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

Our Motive Dialog gives you the opportunity to develop clear statements and answers to both personal and business questions.

During our Motive Dialog, we can address the following issues, amongst others:

  • What motivates you?

  • How is your career looking? And your personal life?

  • Where is your hidden potential?

  • How can you better perform your daily work, lead your team and communicate?

  • How can you make your relationships more harmonious?

  • Which job could be the right one for you?


We refrain from pigeon-holing, judging, assigning you a “this is what you are like” category, .
The Motive Dialog will not provide a one-size-fits-all “Guide to Happiness”. YOU are the expert in your motive world, and my job is simply to help you connect with your motivation potential, so you can get to know it, understand and live it.
My job is not to influence you, but to support you as you answer your own questions – using your newly gained knowledge.
Anticipate great things! Our Motive Dialog can change your life!

Your investment:

  • € 420 incl. VAT (German language, incl. Motivation Potential Analysis)
  • € 370 incl. VAT (English language, without Motivation Potential Analysis)


  • 3 hours Motive coaching, an open and personal dialog with me, a certified expert in Motivation Potential Analysis MPA and a certified Systemic Management Coach SMC®
  • Your personal 16-page analysis of the MPA (in German only)
  • Integration and provision of scientific models and worksheets.


Our Motive Dialog can take place via the internet using FaceTime / Skype / Google Hangout, so there are no location difficulties. We can also meet for a face to face session, in which case, your investment will increase by my travel expenses and room rental. Or we agree on a venue within a 20km radius of my base.

Language: German or English

My gift for you

Would you like a free, non-binding Motive analysis pre-test (in German only)?

Then follow this link to the questionnaire. You will then receive the evaluation of eight motives (out of a total of 26) and can get a first (free & non-binding) impression of what MPA can do for you.

Are you curious?

Contact me here and ask questions 🙂 .