“Be yourself – anyone else is already taken” Benjamin Franklin

That’s what YOUing means. To help you be more yourself!

You’ll discover who you are and what you are made of, uncover your hidden talents and potential, find the threads that link your life, and develop measures to connect these threads and evolve them further. My job is to support you with this, using the available scientific methods and models, so that you can better understand and live YOU.

Together, we will look at your motivation potential, your values and talents, amongst other things. At each stage, we will also employ biographical work and creativity techniques, supported by scientific models, such as values identification.

Do you ask yourself:

  • What is my vocation?

  • What is my goal?

  • Where am I going?

  • How do I want to live and work?

  • What am I really good at? What are my talents? How can I harvest them, live them?


We refrain from pigeon-holing, judging, assigning you a “this is what you are like, this is how you should be, you’re on the wrong road” category.

YOUing will not give you a step-by-step guide on how to get to know yourself and live, but it will assist you in finding your own way to your potential, talents and values. I’m not going to influence you, but will support you as you answer your own questions – using you newly gained knowledge.

The findings will give you a reliable compass, which you can also use in future, to check you bearings, to avoid a yo-yo effect.

Your investment:

€ 680 incl. VAT


  • A half-day (5 hours), vision coaching session, an open and personal dialog with me, a Systemic Management Coach SMC® and a certified expert on Motivation Potential Analysis MPA and a visionary.
  • Your personal 16-page analysis of the Motive-Analysis MPA (in German only).
  • Integration and provision of scientific models and worksheets.


Our YOUing can take place via the internet using FaceTime / Skype / Google Hangout, so there are no location difficulties. We can also split the day and meet for two sessions of approx. two and a half hours.

We can also meet for a face to face session, in which case, your investment will increase by my travel expenses and room rental. Or we agree on a venue within a 20km radius of my base.

I regularly offer YOUing workshops!

These provide an opportunity to work together in small groups on the issues mentioned above, in an open and trusting atmosphere.

Sounds good to you? Contact me here and I will inform you about the upcoming workshops!

Do you have any questions, or do you need a different structure?

Please contact me here! Are you uncertain that coaching is relevant for you? We can arrange a free, non-binding telephone session (15-30 minutes) to discuss your questions.