• Coaching, Business Woman, 43 yrs.

    “Even starting the coaching process was difficult for me, because I worried about an endless number of seemingly intractable issues. Nele Kreyssig succeeded, through her presence and humor, to take my tension away and to create a very pleasant atmosphere for discussion. I could open up immediately.

    Above all, her great strength was to bring structure to my tangled thoughts and to keep all the threads together, throughout the coaching process. Because many of the issues we covered were very emotional for me, I was especially impressed with Nele Kreyßig’s natural flair for the optimal balance between proximity and distance.

    During the coaching, her actions were transparent and based on the use of the relevant models or methods that helped me head straight for my coaching goal.
    Thanks to Nele I have found clarity about what is important to me and what my goals actually look like. Above all, I have commited to a plan, to help get me there. And I can now continue alone – THANK YOU NELE”!

  • Motive-Dialog, Packaging Engineer, 27 yrs

    “The collaboration with Nele was very pleasant and professional. The evaluation of the Motive-Analysis MPA was carried out in an informal and relaxed environment, and she gave me enough space to let my mind wander. I noticed that the questions encouraged me to think, through which I discovered motivation potentials, which had always lain dormant in me, but which I could never clearly define.

    The test and our subsequent conversation made me aware of what is anchored in me and how I can better use this potential. I think this knowledge helps you to better control and use your preferences and energy. Therefore, I can only recommend you take the time to do this and to enter a little deeper into the subject!”

  • Motive-Dialog, Manager, 30 yrs

    “My goal was, and is, to grow and be faithful to myself, there was no serious crisis and, in spite of a great life in a great city, a great job and wonderful friends, I was not entirely happy. So, I clearly had a luxury problem, probably caused by our current postmodern society in the information age and I was even aware of that. I’d previously carried out personality tests and even individual coaching sessions, but they had not brought about the desired effect.

    The MPA with the detailed assessment performed by Nele Kreyssig shows you the drivers of your personality. Through her open, but quiet style which is both competent and, when necessary, pressing, it is easy to build trust in Nele Kreyssig and to open up. Finally, the deeper reasons for my decisions, both positive and self-sabotaging, became clear to me, in all aspects.

    Generalized personality traits have no place in this method which builds synergies between the head and the heart. I now know the actual motives that lie behind my own actions. Now, some time after the analysis, I still have lightbulb-moments, be they in everyday situations when observing myself and better seeing my personality, or when thinking about the big issues of life. ”

  • Coaching, Officer of German Federal Armed Forces, 49 yrs

    “Nele Kreyssig is a committed, empathetic and imaginative coach, especially in the implementation of key issues.”

  • Coaching, Business Administrator, 30 yrs

    “I got a huge amount out of the day. I’d give it 10 out of 10!
    I was previously, for example, uncertain whether I wanted to be in Marketing or in Consulting. Now, I am sure that I am better off in Consulting!

    I am absolutely thrilled about the Motivation Potential Analysis. I find it useful for every situation.

    The coaching was also very helpful for my personal life!

    For example when choosing a partner, I now consider whether they match with my motives and values. For example, I met someone last week, someone I thought was quite interesting, but then found out that he doesn’t like change at all.

    The coaching helped me to unravel the knots in my head and to formulate clear objectives, which are right for me and which I can now follow.

    Before, I often wanted something different every day. Now, I finally feel that I really know what I want and what is important to me personally.

    The day gave me new energy to make changes!”